Candidate Statement

Here is my candidate statement that will be in the November 6 sample ballot:

Parents place a high value in the stability of relationships between their children, and the school staff who make it possible for their educational experience to be a positive one. For the child, the memory of a teacher who gave them encouragement, a lunch lady who cared about them, or a librarian who provided the spark of imagination, will be remembrances that will be carried on forever. My daughter is a Natomas student who has excelled as a result of strong and caring relationships with her school staff.

In a time of tight budgeting, any spending must be as close to the classroom as possible.

Likewise, partnerships and ongoing communication between parents, teachers, and the community from the ground up, help to build a foundation based on inclusion, trust, and transparency. We need an administration and school board that respects parents, teachers, and community members more than we’ve seen in the past. Everyone needs a seat at the decision-making table. True accountability takes place before votes are cast; I am committed to making sure that happens.

If elected, I will make sure spending priorities benefit all Natomas students. I would be honored to earn your vote.