Democracy for America has endorsed our campaign!

Today, I am proud to announce that our campaign has been endorsed by Democracy For America!

Democracy for America endorses Karen Bernal for Natomas School Board

Democracy for America, the people-powered PAC, has over one million members nationwide. DFA is a grassroots powerhouse working to change our country and the Democratic Party from the bottom-up.  DFA grew out of the Howard Dean for President campaign in 2004 and I am extremely honored to have their support.

A snippet from their endorsement letter:

So, on behalf of our more than one million members nationwide, and especially our more than 250,000 members in California, I want to congratulate you on earning the support of our members and the endorsement of our national community.

I know you'll work with DFA members on the ground to win this race, take back our country and fight for real, progressive change. I look forward to working with your campaign and our members in California to make it happen.

Again, congratulations on earning the support of our members and the endorsement from our national community.

Can you please join our People-Powered campaign and contribute $10 right now to help us reach 100 more voters?

As I mentioned before, the last election was decided by only 20 votes, so with 10 candidates in the race this time, every vote is crucial in this campaign!

Thanks again for everything you've done for our campaign so far - we CAN do this together!

Keep on!

P.S. -- Please click here to help me pay for my mailers that are going out to voters right now.  And for those that have already generously contributed to our campaign (monetarily and/or by volunteering), thank you again and please forward this email to 5 of your friends.