Just a quick note about our vote count

Hi Everyone,

First, I'd like to thank everyone that helped out on this campaign!  Whether you contributed monetarily, by volunteering to walk or make phone calls, or just by spreading the word to Natomas residents, everyone worked together to move this campaign forward.  It has been an incredible experience working with my old friends as well as the many new friends that we have met. I value each and every one of them and will keep the ties going forward no matter what.

We were consistently in 3rd place throughout the evening on election day, and then we dropped down to 4th place early Wednesday morning.  We are currently only 206 votes shy of 3rd place.  There are thousands of ballots yet to be counted, so we will wait and see how the results end up.  We should get an update this afternoon at 3:00 and then 2 or 3 updates next week.

Thanks again for everything you've done for our campaign!  It is because of your support that we are so close to winning this one.

Keep on!