Lawn Signs Are Here!

Karen Bernal for Natomas School Board lawn sign

Help us identify voters to give them to!

Our lawn signs are being printed right now!  If you live in the Natomas area, please let me know if you would like a sign in your yard by clicking here You can also pick them up at our precinct walk this weekend (see below).

Absentee ballots are already in the hands of voters, so please do what you can to help me reach them by knocking on some doors with us this weekend.  We need to identify which voters want a lawn sign in their yard, so can you come out this weekend and help me identify them? 

These signs won't be very helpful if we don't ID the voters that want them.  With less than 3 weeks until Election Day, we need to get out there right now!

As you may know, lawn signs are pretty expensive ($5 - $7 ea), so if you are able to chip in $5 or $10 to help cover some of the costs, please click here.

I'd like to thank everyone again that came out to my fundraiser last week.  We had a great time!  Big thanks to Rich Hundrieser, Mike Whiteside, and Rick & Tanja Guerrero for everything!

Thank you for your continued support - we CAN do this together!

Best wishes,