Why I am running

As Election Day approaches, my thoughts turn to the many people I’ve met, spoken and worked with throughout the course of my campaign. Interactions with students, parents, teachers, staff, and community members have reaffirmed my belief that the highest moral approach to public education requires collective involvement from the very beginning of any process that ends with votes by a given school board. It’s the only way we can truly reflect the vision of Natomas residents. 

The true heroes today are district teachers, staff and parents who’ve had to shoulder unnecessary burdens in an atmosphere of contempt from the powers that be. It is THEY who have made academic achievements possible and personally sacrificed so our students’ needs might be met. I want to take this moment to show some love and respect for them. More importantly, I hope you do as well - when you cast your vote on Tuesday.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I am running...

  • Greater transparency and better Parent / Community involvement in School Board decision making.
  • Restoration of essential curricula and services to all our students, especially those in greatest need.
  • Fighting for equal access to all aspects of educational services for each and every student.
  • Working to instill a culture that values the work of education as well as the results of education.